What We Do


Content? Stories!

Once upon a time... and still are, what really reaches us all: stories. Stories that touch, that stir emotions, that discover the known in the unknown, that carry away, change thinking and turn experiences into memories.

That's why content is at the heart of what we offer. In other words: We do not simply fill digital formats with terse "content". Our productions are the result of a joint creative process with you and our writers, voice-over artists, designers, sound designers and producers. Together we develop stories that immerse your visitors deeply and create a personal and lasting connection to the object of their interest.

Empathy as a prerequisite for social relevance

Nowadays, cultural and public institutions increasingly see themselves as a "third space", a place where people come together and engage in social exchange. However, this requires the ability to empathise. And empathy begins with listening. When we tell stories, we always have this aspect in mind. We look for the personal points of connection, we encourage curiosity, the desire to listen and to engage with the unknown. If new conversations arise from this, which in the best case lead to new insights, social relevance is not far away.

Communication is not a one-way street

That's why in all our content and productions we look for ways to leave the one-dimensional didactic directive behind: the audio guide that tells visitors what they should see and think.... that is no longer a contemporary format for many. Instead, we involve users in the production process from the very beginning - for example as interview partners or in test runs - let them have their say and allow them to share their own thoughts. Not only before, but also during and after their visit to the exhibition. To this end, we are constantly developing our formats further, for example through links to social networks.


Diversity is on everyone's lips. But long before it became unmentionable, we specialised in creating content for people of different ages and backgrounds, previous education, physical and mental specificity and orientation. In doing so, we follow the motto "Nothing for us without us" and work closely with representatives of the individual groups as well as with associations wherever they form. Our aim is to tell everyone their story.

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