Our Products


„We noticed that a sales representative spends around 1 day per week searching for the right documents.“

We deal with digital change - sometimes we invent useful tools for it, develop them further until at some point they become a product - the PS Companion is such a product. The Companion is a workflow and presentation tool for mobile devices that distributes information from your company network centrally for employees and makes it available offline. The Companion builds on existing sales, marketing and service processes and can be linked with CRP and ERP processes. Use cases range from product catalogues, price and stock information to support in QA processes. Numerous modules from A for augmented reality to Z for central data distribution can be activated separately, quickly introduced in the company and successively expanded. This way, your sales force and marketing are always up to date. Employees can create personalised workbooks and compile the right documents for presentations in advance.

3 steps to your Companion:

Customised design

Based on your branding specifications, our designers create a mobile interface that reflects the look and feel of your company.

Determining the data source

we support Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, Microsoft OneDrive, Internal private cloud (e.g. WebDav) or a solution we support

Determining the distribution channels

We publish your Companion to the platform you approve: be it via a secure internal app source, public stores (Apple or Android) together with a choice of support packages.

The PS Companion in its current version 2.0 is available as an app for iOS and Android; as an associated cloud service we recommend box.net. Let us build your Companion!