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Hansa Taxi 211-211


  • Hansa Taxi 211-211
  • Location

  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Date

  • since 2018
  • Involvement

  • Concept, Design, App-Development & Implementation
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always up to date

The largest German taxi centre "HansaTaxi" in Hamburg uses the Android and iOS app "Info 4 Taxi Driver" to provide information about current events and to supply its more than 4,000 drivers with the most up-to-date documents. In this way, it is possible to distribute information in a timely and centrally controlled manner and to take care of internal documents. No matter whether PDF, video or image - all documents can be accessed offline. Once again, the NOUS Companion serves as the foundation, combining Taxi40100 and HansaTaxi in a client-capable app. By using the Companion web module, already existing information portals are seamlessly integrated and are available in one central place.