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Tyrolean Festival Erl

Tradition with Passion

Passion plays have been performed in Erl for over 400 years: Based on this tradition, the internationally renowned Tyrolean Festival Erl was founded in 1997.

The annual festival uses NOUS Companion in process management as well as in communication with visitors: Internally, female staff members are informed about updated rehearsal schedules, Covid rules and other news and necessities. The festival organisation therefore uses the many possibilities of process optimisation to organise both the logistical preparation of the festival in the team and the communication with service providers and guests in a targeted and time-saving way. For example, messages can be sent in real time to different groups on their mobile devices and linked to documents and links. In the field of visitor loyalty, it is possible, among other things, to stay in contact with the guests after the event and to keep them up-to-date (post-visit).