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NOUS Sonic - immersive & 3D

How about if your visitors just put on a pair of headphones and then completely immerse themselves in another world - a world of sounds and narratives through which they drift and which changes according to their movement through the space? This immersive experience is what our NOUS Sonic offers. The NOUS Sonic is an all-in-one headset that, in combination with UWB transmitters, detects a visitor's position to within 10 centimetres and automatically plays content tailored to that position. Content can not only be classic object descriptions or the soundtrack of videos and AV installations. The NOUS Sonic unfolds its special effect with three-dimensional audio play-like productions,

in the middle of which is the listener. Does he hear footsteps behind him and do they stop when he stops? Who is talking over there and can I understand what they are saying if I step a little closer? What happens if I turn my back on this event? And where do these new sounds, sound effects, music and narratives take me the further I follow the path...? An immeasurable game for creative storytelling and sound design opens up with the NOUS Sonic, through which sound becomes an essential element of exhibition staging! Fascinate your visitors and take them on a journey through space and time...