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DAS MINSK Art House in Potsdam


  • Das Minsk Art House
  • Location

  • Potsdam, German
  • Date

  • 2024
  • Involvement

  • Development and realisation of audio guide, PWA
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Soft Power

Especially under politically charged and socially challenging circumstances, there is a great deal of strength in sensitivity. The special exhibition 'Soft Power' at the Kunsthaus Das Minsk in Potsdam, which runs from 16 March to 11 August 2024, focuses on artists and works that follow this approach, but also contradict and dissolve it. It's not just about the materials. They interweave stories and traditions in individual ways with craftsmanship and other media to create new cross-connections. Social power relations and traditional structures in particular are scrutinised. Origin, identity, gender roles and narratives are scrutinised.

NOUS has designed and produced an audio guide that serves as a companion through the exhibition and the sometimes hidden narratives of textile art. Visitors can learn more about the artworks, materials and backgrounds in German or English on loan devices on site. There is also an in-depth level for selected works, in which some of the artists themselves give an insight into their world of ideas and working processes in their original voice.