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Picasso – El Greco at the Kunstmuseum Basel


  • Kunstmuseum Basel
  • Date

  • June to October 2022
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  • Text creation, Translation, Audio Production, Composition, Image Editing, PWA Development & Setup, Hardware, Project Management
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Two masters – with feeling

Two great masters – one exhibition. In the summer of 2022, two exceptional artists who have influenced art in very different ways will meet at the Kunstmuseum Basel. Domínikos Theotokópoulos – better known as El Greco, "the Greek" – meets Pablo Picasso. Picasso, who knew and admired El Greco's works well, sometimes referred directly to his idol. El Greco can no longer answer this – and yet her works speak to each other.

The exhibition places one work by El Greco and one by Picasso in a common context. Our audio guide helps visitors to recognize the connections and encourages individual engagement with this dialogue between artists. But: a very special exhibition also needs a very special audio guide! That's why we have divided the content into two tracks, which can be selected according to your mood.

The first track provides an insight into the biographies of Picasso and El Greco, assistance in deciphering the pictorial language and a classification in the context of art history. The second track is about feelings with an associative approach. The art is now juxtaposed with poems, music, text passages and audio snippets, which once again offer an additional level of engagement and reflection.

The one-hour audio guide from NOUS is available on loan devices and as a PWA – in German, English, French and, at the special request of the museum, for the first time also in Ukrainian.