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  • Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten (SPSG)
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  • since 2022
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A pleasure stroll with Venus

Without worries - Sanssouci - who wouldn't want to be like that... Frederick the Great at least tried to come close to this ideal and had a magnificent palace complex including an extensive park built so that he could spend time there without worries. For centuries, architecture and nature, magnificent buildings, water features and artistic garden design have formed a harmonious overall picture here. And in keeping with the spirit of globalization in the 18th century, influences from all over the world can be found in the aesthetics - from the Netherlands to Italy to China. Sanssouci has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1990.

Since 2022, you can not only roam the 300-hectare grounds, but also learn a lot. In our 3-hour audio guide, you can learn all about the history, architecture, garden design and the former residents and visitors of Sanssouci. Whose footsteps are you following here? When and how were the individual park sections, gardens and secluded squares created? What does it take today to protect the park from the consequences of the climate crisis?

When you set out to explore, you'll not only find a whole lot of nature - over 230,000 plants are nurtured here - but also 1,000 sculptures, some of which we'll tell you about in the audio guide. Whether you want to learn about Neptune, Venus and Mercury or Frederick the Great himself - come and listen to their stories!

The audio tour, which lasts a good three hours, was created and produced by NOUS. Four narrators accompany you through the park. Through radio play elements, contemporary music and a good pinch of humor, the 108 individual audio commentaries are not only educational, but also very entertaining. The audio tour is available free of charge via the SPSG's Sanssouci Park app.