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E-Alternative Solutions


  • BORN and EAS
  • Date

  • 2020
  • Location

  • USA, Connecticut
  • Involvement

  • Planning and implementation of the App
  • Project

  • App (iOS, Android)
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Work playfully

For the innovative US family group E-Alternative Solutions – EAS, which sells research-tested and compliant products such as e-cigarettes, various tobacco liquids, and in the future, CBD products, NOUS is currently developing a playful learning app for its more than 10,000 employees. The app is created for the company's brand leaps, to help its staff to receive training about their products. The goal of the app is to customize professional solutions for clients. The application includes the following learning areas:
 Leap Farm - all information about tobacco products.
 Leap Council - the legal regulations regarding the distribution of tobacco products and e-cigarettes. Various sales scenarios can be played through using the learning area Leap Shop. Leap Square - contains general information about vaping. The section Leap HQ – answers all other questions about vaping e-cigarettes.