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Hans Christian Andersen Museum Odense


  • City of Odense
  • Partner

  • Event Communications
  • Date

  • August 2021
  • Involvement

  • NOUS Sonic, concept, development, immersive audio installation
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Fairytales in 3D Audio

The brand-new Hans Christian Andersen Museum, designed by famous Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, aims to rethink how the story of Andersen's life and work is told. The museum provides an artistic experience, which combines landscape, architecture and modern exhibition design, and offers new perspectives on one of the most beloved and creative thinkers in world history. The building itself has a floor space of 5,600 square meters, two-third of which was established underground to create a magical garden space. The exhibition concept was designed by the British group Event Communications and formed part of the basis of Kengo Kuma's proposal. The planners didn't want it to be too hyper-realistic so visitors can invest in their imagination. With an immersive exhibition that brings inanimate objects to life, a heavy dose of whimsy, and fairytale-like blurring of reality, the museum is less a historical overview than a trip inside Andersen's mind. To make this possible, NOUS developed the advanced audio system NOUS Sonic which is installed throughout the whole museum, to allow visitors to immerse themselves in the famous Danish storyteller's life and narratives, illuminated from different angles. Precise location-censoring technology allows different sounds and dials to play depending on how a visitor moves through space. It creates a world that visitors can explore, a world that is a joy but also a surprise because things are often not what they appear. The new Hans Christian Andersen Museum offers a playful and poignant reminder to listen a little better and try harder to understand different perspectives the museum is less a historical overview than a trip inside Andersen's mind.