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  • Taxi 40100
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  • since 2016
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  • Austria
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  • iOS, Android, XML/XSD
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Educational App & Learning Platform

For the Viennese taxi company 40 100 we developed an educational solution comprising two components: an educational app and a specially designed learning platform. The taxi drivers who are registered with the company can download the app onto their devices from the store, meaning that they can access the latest information provided by the taxi school and improve their knowledge with interesting quizzes.
The taxi drivers are kept up to date via push messages. With the aid of a mobile learning platform—mostly used on the iPads in the taxi school—the prospective taxi drivers are given an overview of the fields of study and can work on different study modules depending on the category. The course contents are presented in a multimedia way on the basis of SurveyGizmo and can be edited and updated by the customer themselves.