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  • Harvestworks - Digital Media Arts Center, New York
  • Partner

  • JER (Jaffé - Edelstein - Reeder)
  • Date

  • 2023
  • Involvement

  • NOUS Sonic
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In New York City, we support the well known artist trio JER, Michelle Jaffé, Phil Edelstein and David Reeder, with NOUS Sonic to realize their sound-immersive artwork LocaleS3, presented at Harvestworks in Governors Island.

LocaleS3 is sound as kinetic plastic sculptural material formed with the dynamic properties of location, size, direction, motion, movement. In a dark room, JER animates & orchestrates interactive sound objects, virtual and/or physical, with vocalizations, distributed in space. Visitors become involved accomplices playing the room as an instrument, through the use of smartphones & position tracking headphones.

A precept of LocaleS3 is the use of sound production techniques to present multiple facets of the work simultaneously. JER creates an audio experience which is analogous to seeing 3D sculpture in the round; giving visitors, multiple listening points to hear sonic objects, from different perspectives.

LocaleS3 is the first of scalable modules, using the NOUS Sonic technology with the goal is to discover limits & exploit interstices beyond what they were originally designed for. The artwork therefore create permutations for the solo listener, duets, triads, groupings & communities.