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House of History Baden-Württemberg


  • House of History Baden Württemberg
  • Date

  • 2021
  • Involvement

  • Concept, Graphic Design, Frontend & Backend Development
  • Project

  • Progressive Web App, Interactive Mediastations, CMS
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Interactive History Platform

As part of the "InGe" project, an Interactive History Platform was developed together with the Haus der Geschichte Baden-Württemberg. With a focus on participation, the progressive web app supports both real-space experiences in the museum as well as the pre- and post-visit areas of the museum visit. By means of the new DigitalGuide, "digital natives" are also addressed in a contemporary way: Through participatory-interactive channels (Citizen Science, Social Media, Photo Booth) new groups of visitors are multi-directionally and actively involved and thus personal experiences, as well as digital information flows, are integrated into the individual visit. Through the novel participation option in the field of Citizen Science, visitors can also share their knowledge with interested parties via the platform and thus turn from passive recipients into active contributors. Interesting stories can be collected and digitally taken along to learn even more about them and their time later. Conveniently on any mobile device. 

The digital guide thus not only provides exciting facts and content about the permanent exhibition, but also offers many opportunities for participation such as discussions, voting, and games: A wide range of experience and participation options are available both inside and outside the museum. All content of the web app can be independently designed, modified, and published by museum staff in the "NOUS Conductor" content management system, which has been specially adapted to the exhibition and museum structures. The web-based CMS thus enables the curators of the Haus der Geschichte to be independent with regard to the input, modification, and publication of all digital content on the platform (text, audio, video, image, Citizen Science).

In short: "InGe" enables the museum to act completely autonomously in terms of content, and visitors to comment on what they have seen, to discuss it, to question experts, to talk about their own experiences in relation to the topic, or to report on what they have found out themselves during or in the course of a visit!