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Literature Museum


  • Austrian National Library
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  • since 2015
  • Location

  • Vienna, Austria
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Literature 2.0

The Austrian National Library’s Literature Museum presents the entire wealth and diversity of Austrian literature from the 18th century to the present day. Books, manuscripts, letters, drawings, photos, but also fascinating show pieces make it pos- sible to experience literary creativity. The NOUS Guide leads visitors through this literary world while also actively involving them in it. The multimedia guide is equipped with detailed information in video, audio, and text form. NFC triggering en- ables visitors to access multimedia materials about the various main chapters of the exhibition – ordered chronologically and thematically – as if they were taking a book from a shelf. Thanks to a bookmarking func- tion, texts can be collected and either flicked through straight away or read through unhurriedly in a seating area. The Literature Museum was quite clear in its desire for interaction; for this purpose, NOUS has created interactive applications that encourage active involvement with the content. Consequently, visitors can grab a “spray can” and – like the first graffiti tagger – leave their very own digital graffito in the museum. In the writing workshop, they can pick up a virtual pen and, together with other visitors, write new text to follow on from the opening sen- tences of famous novels. This form of literary education is particularly popular among schoolchildren.