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Mondrian Evolution at the Fondation Beyeler


  • Fondation Beyeler, Basel
  • Date

  • June to October 2022
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  • Interviews, Text creation, Translation, Audio production, PWA development & setup, Hardware, Project management
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Red, Blue, Yellow

Piet Mondrian - isn't he the one with the colourful squares? That's right, but that's not all! The artist started his career with atmospheric landscape paintings of his Dutch homeland. In this exhibition at Fondation Beyeler, works from different creative phases are placed together and in a larger context.

For even in early works there are patterns, structures, compositions that anticipate the strictly geometric structure for which Mondrian became so well known. Lines form windmills, forests, sunsets and church towers, but also abstract grids, nets and squares.

To mark the 150th anniversary of the painter's birth, numerous loans will be presented together with the seven Mondrian works from the museum's own collection. These were also examined by a restoration team in the Piet Mondrian Conservation Project. Marcus Gross, head conservator at the Fondation Beyeler, also has his say in our audioguide and explains the structure of the paintings: "You can see that he has drawn lines again with black paint over a paint that has already dried. [...] He's looking for the composition, he's trying to find the optimal ratio."

Our audioguide to the exhibition, which is offered on loan devices on site and as a PWA for your own smartphones, accompanies visitors on their journey of discovery through Mondrian's evolution.