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Wettingen Abbey


  • Wettingen Abbey, Switzerland
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  • April - Oct. 2022
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  • NOUS Sonic
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Wettingen Abbey, Switzerland

The former Cistercian abbey was built as a place of silence. Nevertheless, over the centuries - initially as a monastery and today as a school - noises, sounds and stories have accumulated. The walk-in audioscape "On the Eighth Day" offers special access to this acoustic archive in the rooms of the cloister and the monk's church. Equipped with our NOUS Sonic headsets, visitors embark on a surprising three-dimensional world of listening, inspired by the design of Dominik Huber and Knut Jensen. Accompanied by a voice, they open up step by step the real space and thus an acoustic landscape that transforms it. Here they meet a large number of people who talk about their connection to Wettingen Abbey. From work, from prayer, from studying. From their attempts to find answers to questions of the past and to find God here. Among many others, a restorer, a pilgrim, a religious brother and students of the cantonal school, report on which role this special place plays in their lives. Around them, the silent walls, images and figures come to life, and music from different eras in time are interpreted locally. In CLAUSTRUM, the real site and the acoustic composition merge into a staging that can be experienced by the senses – made possible by the precise localization and acoustic three-dimensionality of the NOUSsonic technology.

CLAUSTRUM - On the eighth day is an artistic collaboration between Dominic Huber and sound designer and composer Knut Jensen and actress Lara Körte.

CLAUSTRUM On the eighth day is part of the offer of the Museum Aargau on the monastery peninsula Wettingen and open from April to October from Tuesday to Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Concept, Director, Soundesign: Dominic Huber, Knut Jensen

Assist direction: Alexandra Capaul

Voice Over: Lara Körte